Our approach

Donald Insall Associates is committed to the creative process of looking after historic buildings and places. We begin by considering the requirements of the client and users. Then we examine the history, purpose, materials, construction, aesthetic qualities, setting, use, and condition of the building or place, in order to establish its significance. Each iteration of the conservation or design process is considered in light of these primary considerations.

We seek not only to ‘make good’, but to ‘make better’. This might mean interventions which increase the environmental performance and resilience of historic buildings; ensuring a building or place remains viable by enabling continued or new uses; or undertaking work to enhance the significance of a building or place, and people’s ability to appreciate it. We recognise that adaptation is the key to survival in a changing world.

We are not bound by tradition, nor are we opposed to designing in a traditional manner. Both aesthetics and authenticity are important; interventions should be pleasing to the eye and stimulating to the imagination.

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