Cleveland Pools Restoration


Cleveland Pools is listed Grade II* and is significant as the oldest surviving public outdoor pool in the UK. Its location within the World Heritage site, and crescent form referencing the well-known crescents of Georgian Bath, add considerably to its heritage value. The project restores swimming to the site, conserves and updates the existing buildings and provides new facilities to complement and support this purpose. Improved access to the steep and largely hidden riverside site, overcomes many of the historic barriers to enjoyment of these unique community pools, which are now warmed by heat recovered from the adjacent river Avon.

The project has restored the original swimming use for public use on again; it has conserved and updated the historic buildings and structures on site, and provides new contemporary facilities to complement and support the community pools. The simple Georgian crescent and bathing pools remain the focus of activity with new, small-scale interventions discreetly positioned around the margins of the site.

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