Nottingham Trent University


NTU own a number of fine listed buildings on their campus near the centre of Nottingham. We were commissioned to undertake a survey of both their existing listed buildings and a number of buildings they were interested in purchasing. This led to us producing Conservation Plans for three of their major listed buildings (the Waverley Building, listed Grade II*; the Arkwright and Newton buildings, listed Grade II*; and Terrace Royal, listed Grade II) as well as a number of other heritage statements.

The Waverley Building was England’s first purpose-designed School of Art and was constructed in 1864 in a free-Italianate style. The building has considerable social as well as architectural importance and we have been able to explain the building’s overall value and significance.

Arkwright and Newton buildings are two buildings of very different character which have been joined together to make one space. Arkwright Building was constructed in 1887as a university college, public library, technical schools and natural history museum in the Gothic style. Newton Building was built in 1956 to the designs Cecil Howitt and has Portland Stone facing, expressed as a cladding by the alignment of both vertical and horizontal joints in a stripped classical manner.

Terrace Royal is a mid-19th century Gothic terrace of residential townhouses, originally designed for the upper middle classes of Victorian Nottingham, which has rich Gothic decoration both inside and out.

Our conservation plans are intended to help the future management and maintenance of these buildings and to guide decisions about their future use and development.

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