Quadrant 3: Former Regent Palace Hotel

Regent Street, London

Quadrant 3, on the tight urban site of the Grade II listed former Regent Palace Hotel, was restored and developed as the centrepiece of The Crown Estate’s wider Quadrant development at the southern end of Regent Street, London. Donald Insall Associates worked alongside Dixon Jones as conservation architect to enable this project comprising 270,000 sq. ft., combining conservation and new build to deliver a dynamic mixed-use scheme, with high-quality residential, retail and office spaces.

This innovative design includes the restoration of three corners of the former Regent Palace Hotel’s faience facades with a carefully crafted modern building inserted in the centre, placed partly above conserved 1930s rooms at basement level. Whilst the 1930s rooms preserve the heritage of the building, the three retained corners maintain the architectural cohesion of the site and its historic urban vistas.

The project was featured as an exemplar project within English Heritage’s “Constructive Conservation in Practice” guidelines, and the building’s aesthetic and conservation success has been recognised with numerous awards, including the RIBA National Award in 2013.

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